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Alloy armor super fully synthetic lubricating oil

1L 4L
SN+0W20 SN+0W30 SN+0W40
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This product is selected as a global quality raw material, blended with 100%PAO synthetic base oil and high performance additives to ensure higher power engine output under harsh conditions. This product specially adds alloy anti-wear agent, excellent anti-wear and anti-corrosion performance, provides perfect protection for the engine operating under various harsh conditions.

Excellent low temperature flow performance.When the engine starts, it will quickly reach the lubrication end and protect the engine.

Advanced fuel economy, effective fuel saving.

Excellent high temperature shear stability, effectively reduce wear and reduce power loss.

After more than ten years of cross-country race, Dakar rally, world automobile drift racing and other professional racing test.

Product specification: SN+ 0W20 SN+0W30 SN+0W40

Package transfer specification: 1L 4L

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