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Total synthetic lube oil of San Rosa

1L 4L
SN+5W20 SN+ 5W30 SN+5W40
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This product is a fully synthetic lubricating oil, which is made of PAO synthetic base oil with special additives, and is strictly tested to ensure that its performance meets the API:SN quality standard of the American Petroleum Institute and effectively prolongs the service life of the engine.Excellent high temperature oxidation resistance and clean dispersion, effectively inhibit the formation of oil sludge carbon deposition, and extend the engine oil change cycle.

Excellent wear resistance, forming elastic oil film on the metal surface, calmly facing various harsh road conditions, reduce engine wear;

Excellent fuel economy performance, effectively improve fuel combustion efficiency, durable and stable performance, and comply with environmental protection requirements.

Excellent low temperature startup performance and high temperature lubrication performance to meet all-weather requirements.

Conventional viscosity: SN+5W20 SN+ 5W30 SN+5W40

Packaging specification: 1L 4L

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