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Please don't forget the maintenance of the brake system

Please don't forget the maintenance of the brake system

Common sense of maintenance
2018/07/12 15:46

Many friends around the car do regular routine maintenance, but the maintenance of the brake system is rarely asked, that is what we say to change the brake oil regularly.

The effect of brake oil

Transfer power to achieve braking.

Protect the metal in the brake system.

Protection of rubber seals and leather bowls

Replacement of brake oil every two or 40 thousand kilometers

The brake fluid is also called a car brake fluid. For the most common type of disc brake, when the driver stepped on the brake, the strength of stepping on the pedal, the piston of the general brake pump, passed the energy of the brake oil to the wheels of the wheels, and made the brake disc friction with the brake disc to reduce the speed of the car.

Brake oil plays a role in force transmission throughout the whole process. Because the brake oil has the characteristic of absorbing water, if it is used for a long time, it will corrode the pipeline of the brake system and bring hidden trouble to the driving. At the same time, because the brake oil will absorb water, the boiling point will be reduced, which will easily cause insufficient brake pressure and affect the braking effect. When the car has been braking for a long time, the temperature of the brake system increases, the brake pipeline is prone to gas resistance, and the air is compressed, which may result in the decline of the braking force or the failure of braking. Under normal circumstances, it is recommended that the owner change the brake oil for two or 40 thousand kilometers.

In humid weather, fog is pervasive, and even the brake system will be affected. If mist enters the brake fluid and then turns into moisture. In the process of braking, the high temperature produced by the friction will vaporize the water, and the generated water vapor will accumulate in the brake tank, which affects the work of the brake system.

The brake system is closely related to the safety of the vehicle. Owners should form the habit of regular inspection and maintenance to avoid accidents. For example, often check whether the brake has become weaker or deviated, and whether the pedal of the brake pedal has been changed. When the thickness of the brake pad is close to or smaller than the specified minimum thickness, it should be replaced immediately. In addition, brake fluid inspection should be maintained at least once a month.

The brake system is also critical. First, check the wear of the brake disc and the brake disc. If the trench of the brake disc is deep, the thickness of the brake disc can be seen from the side. This can be checked by ourselves. If we do not grasp the 4S shop free check, it will be more reliable. In addition, observe the brake oil residue and color, and then choose to supplement or replace, if it has deteriorated, do not hesitate to change quickly.

To change the brake pad for 30 thousand -5 million kilometers

In the whole braking system, this palm size brake pad is one of the most critical active safety accessories on the car, which directly affects the braking effect. Checking the brake pads regularly is very important for every vehicle owner.

In fact, the replacement cycle of the brake disc does not have an exact number, and the different driving habits will definitely make a huge difference between the wear and tear of the brake. The "30 thousand -5 million kilometers" is just a general range. It is not hard to imagine that the braking force and brake frequency will directly determine the life of brake pads. Vehicles traveling on urban roads for a long time must have worn their brake pads more seriously than those traveling on expressways for a long time.

Vehicle braking performance and effect directly affect the safety of driving, especially in spring and rainy weather. Owners may go to 4S shop or special repair shop to make a comprehensive brake system maintenance.

The main reasons for the decline of brake performance are:

1. the brake disc or brake disc is badly worn.

2. the oil surface of the brake oil pot is lower than the lower limit.

3. brake oil is not changed regularly (usually 50 thousand kilometers).

4. mixed with different brake oils.

5. brake pipe cracks or loose connections lead to leakage of brake oil.

6. failure of the brake pump. At ordinary times, attention should be paid to overhauling brake system to prevent brake performance from dropping.

Product promotion

Zero-kilometer brake oil products range rich, using modern synthesis, distillation and esterification technology, advanced international technology with high-efficiency additives, blended. The product quality and performance meet and exceed GB12981-2003 Motor Vehicle Brake Fluid, SAE J1704, FMVSS 116 and DOT3/DOT4 standards respectively.

It has high temperature performance, prevent gas resistance, excellent low temperature flow performance, excellent antisepsis, compatibility with sealing material, ensure the use performance of brake leather wrist, tubing and other rubber, at the same time it has moisture absorption and moisture sensitivity and good lubricity.

It is suitable for all kinds of hydraulic transmission systems such as disc brake, cowl brake and clutch of imported domestic and high-grade cars and traveling vehicles.

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