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Lube oil industry launched fine competition potential in 2013

Lube oil industry launched fine competition potential in 2013

Industry dynamics
2018/07/16 18:36

Reviewing the lubricating oil industry in 2012, the macro-economic slowdown is stable, the demand trend of lubricating oil is low, the basic oil supply and demand pattern in the industry is broken, and the customer demand is upscale and individualized. All kinds of phenomena indicate that the lubricating oil enterprises have come to the new "ten Crossings" in the development, and the economic growth is the lubricating oil at high speed. The development dividends brought by the industry are weakening and even no longer exist. In the environment of industrial structure adjustment and transformation and upgrading, it is not only a problem of an enterprise but also a choice for an industry to grasp the opportunity and take the opportunity.

According to the report on the development potential of China's lubricating oil industry in 2013-2017 years and the forecast report on deep investigation, the output of the national lubricating oil is 7 million 729 thousand tons in the 1~11 month of 2012, up 0.43% over the same period of last year. Although the full-year data has not yet been released, but the year-on-year growth is expected to be much lower than expected at the beginning of the year, almost the same as the previous year. According to industry experts, the output of lubricating oil is not equal to consumption. Analysis of the oil demand in 2012, the weak season and the lighter season have become the main theme of the oil market, 1~3 months opened smoothly, from April to July, a decline, 8~11 months although a small increase, but still do not realize the "peak season" in the plan.

In 2012, the analysts of the China Institute of oil industry estimated that the actual consumption of the oil in China was about 7 million 100 thousand tons in 2012. Compared with the previous year, the market size of the car oil was slightly increased in 2012, but the industrial lubricating oil was slightly affected by the related industries, and the overall demand changed little compared with the previous year.

The competition of the future lube oil industry will gradually abandon the low end price competition, and then become the competition of product and brand. The customer's demand is gradually transformed into customized and fine transformation, which brings new challenges to the ability of technical service for the lubricating oil enterprises. The enterprises must carry out widely with the customers' needs and carry out widely with the automobile industry and industrial customers. Strategic cooperation will help lubricating oil companies to further enhance their service capabilities and better meet customer customization needs. In 2012, the Great Wall lubricating oil has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Changan automobile, Southern Cement and middle coal group to provide customers with a customized solution for lubricating oil series products, and provide users with a full range of lubrication services in demand response, product research and development, service follow-up and so on.

At the product level, "fine competition" requires the enterprise to adjust the original product line. The enterprise can combine its own market characteristics with the industry as the axis, the use axis and the customer type as the axis.

Under the difficult situation of international economic recovery, Shell and Mobil and other international lubricants have also seen the trend of "fine competition", and are gradually completing the localization strategy of scientific research, manufacturing and service. Shell has invested $100 million to build its seventh lube oil plant in China; ExxonMobil Tianjin Lube Oil Mixing Plant has expanded its production capacity; Mobil 1 has realized local filling of original oil. All these give great pressure to domestic lubricants.

However, because of the existence of the Great Wall and Kunlun, the international lubricating oil manufacturers have lost their absolute dominance in the high-end market. The successful application of the Great Wall lube oil in such major projects as the God nine launch and Tiangong-1 rendezvous and docking, the snow dragon polar science examination, and so on, makes the brand and product quality deep into the hearts of the people. Many domestic lubricating oil enterprises, especially the Great Wall and Kunlun, have never stopped technological innovation. On the basis of the introduction of the new products of high-end car oil series in 2011, the the Great Wall lube oil introduced the high end grease product series in 2012, which not only adapted to the trend of high-end market, but also showed the technological innovation strength of the Chinese lubricating oil brand.

According to the report on the development potential of China's lubricating oil industry in 2013-2017 years and the forecast report on the depth survey, it shows that with the rapid transformation of the domestic economic structure and the development of the automobile industry, the demand for the specialization and differentiation of the lubricating oil is more obvious. The operation mode, channel capacity and control process of the lubricating oil brand are also shown. Higher requirements are put forward. In the background of increasingly fierce market competition, the specialization, short channel and product line led management mode in the construction of lubricating oil will become one of the core of "fine competition", which will help to abandon the drawbacks of the traditional hierarchical distribution, and be more conducive to stimulating the value and potential of the channel system.

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