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The turning of the car is also wonderful

The turning of the car is also wonderful

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2018/07/16 18:32

Turning a car as a basic driving skill often confuses the newcomers on the road. It is necessary to make full use of the width of the road and bend as much as possible to a straight line when you want to speed through the bend and do not want to produce too much centrifugal force at the turn. So, in the corner of the bend before the turn on the side of the bend, to the middle of the side of the bend on the inside of the road, that is to say that in the bend of the corner of the corner should be close to the inside of the bend, after the curve of the curve, then cut back to the side of the bend, out of the side of the bend, out of the bend, that is to say, over the bend. We should choose the "outside - inside - outside" turning route.

Turning a car as a basic driving skill often confuses the newcomers on the road. After driving into the curve, centrifugal force will be generated due to the change of the direction of movement, pushing the car to the outer ring. Usually the centrifugal force is proportional to the square of the speed when the weight of the car is constant, that is, when the speed is doubled, the centrifugal force increases four times. For example, when the car runs at a speed of 90 to 100 kilometers per hour on the highway, a little bit of centrifugal force will be produced as long as the steering wheel is a little bit. It will shake the car and even make the wheel slip. In the past, in order to reduce the centrifugal force to avoid the danger of running out of the road, the experienced drivers on the Internet have summed up a set of ways to deal with the centrifugal force, that is, to choose the "outside - to - outside" turning route.

Turning skills in different roads

How is the correct way to turn?

First of all, take a shortcut in the freeway or sloping road with wide roads. That is to say, when driving into the curve, drive the car as far as possible. In this way, the curvature of the car can be changed, the curvature of the turning can be delayed, the centrifugal force can be effectively reduced, and the turning can be easily made without significant deceleration. In this way, we have more cars in the field, and a series of high speed cars are turning corners.

Secondly, for the upslope bend, the throttle should be loosed before entering the bend, allowing the vehicle to enter the bend at a faster speed against the side of the bend, and then reduce the block or two gear, then select the route and the direction of correction, and light the throttle at the same time, then cut back to the side of the bend and confirm the road condition. After that, increase the throttle and finally pull out of the curve on the outside side of the curve.

When passing through the downhill bend, before entering the bend, the throttle should be loosed on the brake, the vehicle decelerated greatly, and the gear was reduced by one or two gear, then a slower vehicle speed on the side of the bend, then the brakes were loosed and the path was selected and the direction was corrected. After the curve of the bend, the curve was cut back to the bend. At the same time, light the accelerator at the same time, and finally walk out of the bend on the outside side of the curve. In the process, we should also choose the first lateral, posteromedial, lateral lateral turning route.

How to pass through the blind area and the compound bend

The bend in the blind area can not be seen in the outlet bend. When driving in the blind lane, the speed of traffic must be reduced first, and it can not drive in the way of ordinary bend, because the traffic situation at the end of the bend is not seen. In order to avoid and avoid accidents with opposite vehicles, you must lean on the side of the road and drive along the outside of the bend when you cross the left curve. When passing through the right bend, the car should drive along the inside of the bend. Once the outlet of the bend is seen, the driveway can be changed and the direction is corrected. The refueling gate is accelerated away from the bend by the method of the outside inside the inside.

Composite bend is a curve composed of two or more bends. When passing through the compound curve, the key point is to ensure the last curve so that it can get out of the curve quickly at the exit of the last bend. First, reduce the speed, enter the entrance of the first bend, in each bend, on the side of the outside of the inside of the inside of the outside of the way. During the last bend, when you see the exit of the bend, you can correct the direction, speed up, straight away from the bend.

Finally, when turning, we still remind "one look, two slow, three pass", do not harm others'safety while turning. Manufacturers are also doing a lot of work on their cars in response to problems arising from turning corners. Generally speaking, four-wheel-drive vehicles will have a good performance in turning performance, with EPS steering system, its turning performance is also very good.

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