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Common sense of maintenance of high temperature off-road vehicles in summer

Common sense of maintenance of high temperature off-road vehicles in summer

Common sense of maintenance
2018/07/16 18:30

In summer, we must carry out appropriate maintenance, but also for the hot summer, targeted maintenance.

Body care

In summer and autumn, the rainwater is more, the rain acid in the rain, and the strong sunlight, and the gum falling to the surface of the body will cause the corrosion and oxidation of the paint surface. After a long time of rain and sunshine, the face of your car must be tortured and haggard. Therefore, it is necessary to make a series of cosmetology for cleaning, polishing, waxing and glazing. Even if your body has been coated with paint, you should give the body a good look and wash it with pleasure.

Bacteria removal in the car

It is very important to do a good job in vehicle disinfection during spring and summer alternation. Ventilation and regular cleaning of car exterior and interior should be done regularly. Cleaning, you can use their own disinfectant scrub, if you have time you can also go to a special maintenance shop with ultraviolet light or high temperature disinfection sterilization. But we must pay attention to the air disinfection inside the carriage is carried out in the absence of the vehicle. After disinfection, windows should be opened and ventilated for 5 to 6 minutes. The facilities in the carriage should be wiped with clean water and then dried with clean cotton cloth to remove the residual disinfectant.

Finally, a fresh bottle of perfume will bring you a good mood. Today's perfume, aroma materials have been changed to natural, healthy, will make you enjoy driving in the car, get fresh feeling.

The electrode connection of the battery is a problem prone to fall. During inspection, if there is green oxide in the electrode junction, remember to wash it off with boiling water. For maintenance free batteries, we should also observe whether they are in normal working condition.

Don't let the tire pressure too high

Summer is a season prone to tire blowout. Hot weather tends to deform the tire and reduce the pulling force. As a tire itself, the air pressure is not standard, the tire is aging, the performance is weakened, or the tires are rolled into hard metal or other hard objects in the course of driving, which can cause the sudden blowout of the car. Therefore, the tire pressure should be reduced properly before going out, and the tire temperature and pressure should be checked in time while driving. If the tire temperature is too high and the tire pressure is too high, we should not take the way of deflating and splashing cold water, and choose to stop in the cool place. For example, when the temperature of the fetus is properly reduced, the wading should be treated to prevent the early damage of the tire.

Enjoy the cleaning and inspection of cool air conditioning

Automotive air conditioners are frequently used components in summer vehicles, and they need maintenance most. After the winter and spring shelving, the air conditioning certainly accumulated lots of dust and bacteria. At this time, we should change the air conditioning filter element and clean the air conditioning duct. First, it is the cleaning and removal of bacteria in the air conditioning system. It is the only way to air the air conditioning. The dust accumulation on the wall of the ventilation pipe and a large number of bacteria will be blown into the car with the ventilation of the air conditioning. So it is very important to clean and remove bacteria. Secondly, the test of pressure system, in general, the first check the refrigerant is sufficient; secondly through the glass on the drying tank to observe the hole, from the flow of bubbles to check whether the refrigerant is leaked. The last is to clean the dust of the evaporation box.

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